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High Quality Tulips


Fresh cut tulip flower (Tulipa SPP). Tulips are grown on a forced hydroponic system. Our bulb origin is both hemispheres enabling all year production.

 7 Colors (subject to availability): red, yellow, white, pink, orange, purple, bicolor (red-yellow).

Availability & Logistics

From March to December depending on  the variety. Production programs for specific seasons or the entire period. Weekly deliveries, directly from the producer (grower) without retailers.


Depending on the volume through Fedex IPD shipment or direct import.
Standard packaging is 200 stems per box, weight of 8 kg approximate including its packaging.

Format & Packaging

10 stems packages, clear sleeve and elastic band.

Boxes of mix or solid colors of 200 stems (20 packages) in upstanding cardboard hampers with internal dividers (25 cm x 35 cm x 50 cm high). Flowers travel vertically. 

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